Havoc Hoss 2021

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The 2021 Hoss V2 scooter is all around the best quality and most affordable street scooter on the market. Tested and designed by riders for guaranteed highest quality possible. The Hoss is the perfect size to do anything you want and more in the streets, comes with 27” x 24” tall Steel T bars along with a fully flat bottomed 22.5” x 5.75” deck. With a total weight of 9.9lbs.
Weight:  9.9 lbs
Total Height  38.5″
Bar Width: 24″
Bar Height:   27″
Bar Material:  Steel
Outer Bar Diameter:   Standard
Inner Bar Diameter:   Standard
Clamp:  Havoc Hoss SCS
Compression:   SCS
Deck Width:  5.75″
Deck Length:   22.”
Wheel size:   110mm
Wheel Width:   24mm